Our Approach

IHA takes an integrative approach to our patients’ healthcare needs by developing proactive lifestyle and medical plans that meet the individual requirements of each patient. Our approach to medicine is designed to prevent illness, as well as improve quality of life.

A few of the common conditions that we have successfully treated our patients for include:

Common Aging Conditions Chronic Diseases
Poor Aging Cardio Vascular
Low Energy Diabetes
Sleep Disorders Obesity
Fibromyalgia Autoimmune Diseases
Poor mental acuity
Low sex drive
Excess weight
Chronic Fatigue
Female and Male Menopause
Digestive conditions
Adrenal fatigue
Loss of muscle mass

To prevent and treat disorders and/or undesired conditions, we employ the following process and philosophy to our patient's care:

  1. Analyze all causes of illness or disease through advanced testing and analysis of:
    • Diet
    • Lifestyle
    • Exercise Regimen
    • Exposure to environmental toxins
    • Hormonal decline
    • Oxidative stress
    • Current medications
    • Laboratory values
    • Imaging studies (when indicated)
  2. Identify and treat the root cause of the symptom or disorder. Knowing that no single type of therapy treats all disease, we use complementary modalities that may include:
    • Supplementation/herbal therapies
    • Exercise guidance
    • Nutritional therapy
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
    • IV therapies
    • Mind-body medicine techniques