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      Chronic disease in the United States is on the rise. Despite our advances in medicine and technology, as well as greater access to information, people continue to put inadequate nutrients into their bodies. A large percentage of disorders and complaints are directly influenced by the nutritional choices that we make.

      The catch to our greater access to information, however, is that we have just as much access to misinformation. One-sized fits all diets and "expert" advice can do more harm than give us relief from our ailments when improperly applied and taken out of context. If you don't know the underlying reasons for why you feel the way you do, and what modifications and nutritional programs would suit you best, you're not only wasting your time, but also turning yourself into a misinformed guinea pig in the process.

      Our nutritional programs and services are geared to meet your goals in the most efficient manner possible. We specialize in functional analysis, allowing us to cater to each individual's unique chemistry.

      Ultimately, we advocate a nutritionally dense, varied, unprocessed diet as a baseline, but when you're not feeling your best, our nutritional interventions and programs will get you to that baseline as quickly as possible. Let us guide you to optimal wellness.

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      Improved Health

      Food is not just energy; it is information to our cells. The food that we ingest is digested and absorbed in the gut (small and large intestines). When we give the gut food that it recognizes, it sends that food to the appropriate parts of the body in an efficient manner. Conversely, when we give the gut and body bad information, we get bad results, that ultimately can create problems.

      A nutrient dense diet consisting of unprocessed foods will streamline this information carrying process throughout the body and dramatically improve your health.

      Signs of improved health and a good diet include:

      • Proper weight
      • Mental clarity
      • Quality sleep
      • Good energy
      • Glowing skin
      • Bright eyes
      • Healthy attitude
      • Optimism

      Allow us to guide you in not only reaching your health and nutritional goals, but also in enhancing your overall quality of life, which is deeply rooted in balanced nutrition. Dr. Rosenberg endorses the use of Viome.com for microbiome analysis; for those whose needs extend beyond, he will conduct an evaluation and recommend a specialized dietitian or nutritionist.

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