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      Telomere Testing Boca Raton FL

      Telomere Length: Biomarker of Aging and Health

      Telomere length, specifically, the percentage of critically short telomeres, is a cutting-edge biomarker of aging and health status. As we age, these telomeres naturally shorten. Telomeres are structures which are found at the ends of all chromosomes. The primary function of telomeres is to protect the chromosome ends from fusing with other nearby chromosomes or stray proteins thereby preventing DNA errors.

      Studies have shown a correlation between shorter telomeres and an increased risk of disease, including cancer, heart disease, neurodegenerative disease (dementias, Parkinson’s disease) and infectious disease. When a telomere reaches a critical length of less than 3000 base pairs, the cell can no longer divide, and enters a stage called, “cellular replicative senescence.” In fact, critically short telomeres are thought to be responsible for aging and its effects, and it’s believed that individuals with shorter telomeres may be more likely to die earlier. Studies have suggested that extending telomeres may lengthen an individual’s life.

      Telomere Testing

      Telomere testing has previously been available for testing the mean telomere length. However, this testing had a significant margin of error which made it of little value in terms of assessing aging and disease risk. Dr. Rosenberg has recently been named medical advisor to Life Length, an innovative company located in Madrid, Spain, which performs the only test to measure the percentage of critically short telomeres. This cutting-edge test can determine if an individual has a high percentage of critically shortened telomeres, allowing them to take measures to slow down the aging process and even add years to their life.

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