We provide customized food programs based upon your health needs. Examples of protocols that we use, but are not limited to, include:

Low Carbohydrate Diet

Provide the body with adequate nutrients, while keeping blood sugar and insulin in optimal range..

FirstLine Therapy

A disease reduction program that addresses metabolic syndrome.

GAPS (Gut and Physiology/Psychology Syndrome) Diet

All health begins in the gut; this diet has shown to reverse physiological and psychological issues through healing a damaged and leaky gut.

Detox Programs

A nutrient dense diet along with supportive nutraceuticals to provide the liver with the proper nutrients for an efficient cleansing process.

Gluten Free Protocol

Gluten is a pro-inflammatory protein that when avoided, has been shown to reverse many chronic and acute disorders.

Food Sensitivity/Elimination Diets

By eliminating foods that are causing you dysfunction, it is common to see many problems and complaints reverse.

Customized Nutraceutical Programs

Through functional laboratory analysis, a customized nutraceutical program is developed for our patients, leading to optimal wellness.