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      Functional Medicine

      Functional Medicine Boca Raton FL

      A discovery process that seeks to arrive at the root causes of illness and disease – that, in a nutshell, is at the core of what Functional Medicine aims to be. We explore what works for you and what doesn’t when it comes to optimizing your overall health – because not only is everyone different, but every “body” can respond differently to any given medical intervention.

      That concept of individuality is a defining feature of Functional Medicine.

      At the Institute for Healthy Aging in Boca Raton, FL, we view our relationship with you as a long-term, collaborative partnership to understand your body and mind – in fact, the whole of your life –to design a personalized Functional Medicine plan that will revolutionize your health.

      From comprehensive diagnostics to thoughtful, focused treatment, our Functional Medicine approach can transform your health, wellbeing and longevity. To learn more about Functional Medicine in Boca Raton, call our office at (561) 623-9344 today!

      What is Functional Medicine?

      With its systems biology–based approach, the Functional Medicine model of care takes a patient-centered approach to both wellness and illness. It lends itself exceptionally well to chronic disease management and often achieves greater success because it approaches chronic illness and disease with an eye toward identifying the underlying root causes of those diseases.

      A single illness can result from many different causes and the causes will likely vary among individuals. It’s also true that a single cause can bring about any number of disease states. Every situation is unique.

      Functional Medicine acknowledges that there is nothing simple about the human body and psyche and the environment that surrounds each of us. Some diseases are triggered by environmental toxins, others by food allergies. Certain conditions stem from medication side-effects, some have a genetic component, and hormonal imbalances contribute to many.

      Teasing out why you are sick and what will make you well is central to what we do at the Institute for Healthy Aging with our Functional Medicine approach to healing.

      How Does Functional Medicine Differ from Conventional Medicine?

      Functional medicine’ differs from conventional medicine in its approach to diagnosis, as well as its approach to treatment. For example, Functional Medicine almost always adopts the following tenets in how care is provided:

      • Patient-centric approach
      • Focused on root causes
      • Addressing the impact of stress on your health
      • Understanding food as medicine and utilizing nutrition as part of treatment and prevention
      • Prioritizing hormonal health with insight into how hormones influence your overall health
      • Understanding the critical role genetics play in understanding your health conditions
      • Understanding the effect of food allergens or environmental toxins in the development of disease

      Perhaps most importantly, Functional Medicine doesn’t use band aid approaches or seek quick fixes. Fundamental to its practice is a commitment to lifelong health, and longevity, including anti-aging protocols. It is, in fact, a perfect complement to Longevity Medicine – which is another area of specialty expertise here at the Institute for Healthy Aging in Boca Raton.

      What Does Functional Medicine Treat?

      There is not a single medical condition that would not benefit from consultation with a Functional Medicine doctor, but some conditions that especially call for an expert Functional Medicine approach, like complex autoimmune diseases or chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and insulin resistance.

      Conditions related to aging, like Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia would especially benefit from a Functional Medicine approach, especially since there are so many underlying causes that could be causing dementia.

      Complex life-threatening conditions like cancer would benefit from the personal approach and the investment of time Functional Medicine doctors provide their patients. Teasing out the causes, risk factors and triggers for hormone imbalances, allergies, adrenal disorders, gastrointestinal conditions, or female reproductive issues would be a good fit as well.

      Arthritis, thyroid and fibromyalgia patients often find help in Functional Medicine care where they’ve not found help before.

      Arthritis, in fact, is an excellent example of how Functional Medicine can make a profound difference in how the disease process is approached. Arthritis can have many root causes – most of which are not fully understood. Arthritis pain can have many sources – it may be related to overusing the joint in one patient, while another experiences pain due to inflammation.

      A Functional Medicine doctor seeks to isolate not only what the root causes might be, but which one is affecting this patient. It would not be helpful to treat systemic inflammation with a pain-relief rub on the knee. The focus becomes isolating not just root causes – but the specific causes in a specific patient at that specific point in time.

      What Types of Functional Medicine Treatment Options Do We Offer?

      At the Institute for Healthy Aging, we offer a wide variety of treatment modalities tailored to your individual health concerns, needs and goals, to include:

      • Cutting-Edge Diagnostics: Utilization of advanced screening tools and laboratory tests to identify potential health risks early on, as well as testing for other medical conditions, medications, toxins, or allergies that may be underlying your condition.
      • Mind-Body Therapies: Integration of meditation, mindfulness, and other holistic practices to foster emotional resilience and well-being.
      • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT): Personalized hormone optimization to restore balance and vitality, enhancing overall well-being.
      • Nutraceuticals (Supplements): Targeted supplementation to address nutritional deficiencies and support optimal health and vitality.
      • Lifestyle Modifications: Guidance on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep hygiene to promote health, wellness and longevity from the inside out.
      • Detoxification: Developing a program that aims to eliminate toxins in your body.
      • Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustments: Regular follow-up appointments allow for monitoring progress and adjustments to the treatment plan as needed.
      • And more!

      How will my Functional Medicine Treatment Plan Be Developed?

      Our Functional Medicine approach means we work to understand the root cause of your condition, rather than simply treating symptoms. We always take a holistic approach in preventing and treating illness and disease, focusing not just on short-term results but on long-lasting health. Your treatment plan will be designed with you in mind.

      We will conduct a thorough functional evaluation of your body and your health. This evaluation will include a review of your medical history, a full physical exam, a hormonal profile, and other diagnostic testing, as needed. Together, we will design a Functional Medicine plan, based on the results of your evaluation, tailored to fit your specific health profile.

      Patients are reevaluated every four months or sooner if indicated, ensuring the treatment is tailored to their evolving health needs.

      Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized care, utilizing advanced diagnostics and comprehensive treatment modalities to address the full range of your healthcare concerns.

      To learn more about our Functional Medicine approach in Boca Raton, call our office to speak with us and schedule a consultation. Please call (561) 623-9344 today!

      About Mark Rosenberg MD

      Dr. Rosenberg attended the University of Pennsylvania for his undergraduate education and then Georgetown University School of Medicine for his medical training. Dr. Rosenberg did his residency training in emergency medicine at Brooke Army Medical Center and was then the Assistant Chief of Emergency Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

      Dr. Rosenberg transitioned into antiaging medicine in 1998, after attending his first A4M (American Academy of Antiaging Medicine) conference. He then became a consultant to the A4M and continues to consult and lecture on antiaging medicine. Dr. Rosenberg is also a researcher and has started a pharmaceutical company which is developing novel drugs for advanced-stage cancer.

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